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Sunday, June 14, 2009

The polygamy (another yarrrkh!)

Well.......my last post seems give me inspiration to write this one. Let me tell you guyz something. Before you have a positive or negative thinking about me, I just want you to know that I'm not a good muslim who supposed to know everything about Islam, the one that always go to mosque, always read Quran, always say "Astaghfirullah" or bla bla bla.........I'm just a mere skinny and dumb little human who like to give explaination to muslims or people from other religion who misunderstood about my religion.

Well, the first issue that I want to talk about is the problem that always being discussed when female students in my batch form their "pot pet" group (sorry.......he he). The Marriage. This is a very popular topic since years ago. When they talk about this I'd love to join in and hear their opinions. Every second I feel like blowing my stomach by laughing when I see their serious faces giving opinions. However I pretend to be serious and I usually "release those laugh" in the toilet. That's why U guyz sometimes see me smiling without reason. I'd never dare to say anything in the group because girlz always unite to couter us (boyz). That's one thing I respect about them.

Well, back to the topic, most of the girlz don't agree with polygamy. Some of the non-muslims say that polygamy is cruel and ethically not logic when we're refering to the honour or the right of a woman. Perhaps some of them symbolyze it a legal form of slavery. hmmm........honestly I myself dislike polygamy. But don't hate Islam, a religion that allows polygamy. You know why?

Americans like to think muslims = have many wives, Islam = must have wives, muslimah = slaves, Arabian = sexually crazy.......whatever la you want to say. First, you have to know that Islam do not introduce polygamy. Polygamy existed since thousands years ago. Since egypt, romanian,persian,greek civilization.......long before Islam existed. People at that time married with hundreds of wives. When Islam came, it put a limit. Only four wives. And Islam do not encourage its people to polygamy. It only allows. It is just like a drug, when you need it, you can use it. But don't overdose. When you don't have to use it, don't use it at all.

Actually, polygamy in Islam protect the right and honour of a woman. Maybe I should say there is no better fortune teller than Prophet Muhammad. Just look at the world population nowadays. How many male compared with female. It's almost 1 to 4. Just imagine if one male get married with one female........what would happen to the other three? Remember........women are not spareparts! Well, Prophet Muhammad has been told that this would happen at the end of the world.........there will come a time where men are outnumbered. It's true.....zzzzzzzzzzzzz....

Biologically, females are limited in sexual arausal due to menstrual cycle. During the first to fifth day period, the progesterone and estrogen, hormone which responsible for female sexual arausal is reduced. At this time females are physically, biologically, and emotionally unprepared for any sexual relationship. Well, the problem is what if the husband's arausal came at that time. We heard in male population, there are some people who are sexually not normal. Hypertestosterone, chromosome XYY (supermale), or perhaps sexual psyco........these people are those who need extra credit. Just pity to the single wife to have such husband.(sorry for saying too much sex sex sex.......I don't know other smooth word understandable)

Through polygamy, Islam give a pathway to solve family matter. What if a wife got accident and she is not capable to give birth. what would a man do to have a baby? Take an orphan of course or get married with another woman.If in other religions, you have to divorce first before get married with a new one. So pity. In Islam you are allowed keep the first a wife, give your love to her, protect her and at the same time you are allowed to get married with a new one to have a child. Fair....isn't it? How could a man left behind a weak woman who still need a protection from her husband.

When a couple want to divorse, a man can just simply say "I divorse you with talak 1" then its done. But a woman need to go to the court and make full report bla bla bla bla......and after a complex procedure, it is done. Sounds unfair isn't it? well actuall, in Islam this is to protect females. A male can divorse his wife without saying anything about his wife. So, people won't know anything about this woman. Therefore, in future....maybe there is still a man that can still accept this woman. But a female need to tell everything about her husband to get a divorse so that she will protect other women from marrying this man. People will know about this man, woman will be more careful, and no more woman suffer because of this man. Protecting.....isn't it?......

And most importantly, a man cannot simply have a polygamy. He must be prepared. He must have enough money to support his wives. he must physically ready. be fair. otherwise he is prohibited to do so. And he must GET PERMISSION FROM HIS WIFE before doing so. Without permission, you cannot have a polygamy. So, girlz, actually in your hands lies a power to control your husband. Don't just simply blame male who make polygamy.

It doesn't matter if you hate polygamy. But don't put your hatred in Islam that allow polygamy. I myself also don't like polygamy. But I do understand why Islam allow polygamy. There are some situations that we must consider to put a change in ourlives. It's ok if you don't understand about Islam, but don't misunderstood about it. If I get married, I would prefer to have a single wife because it's very hard for me to love more than one person. And that person is..........ops.....just kidding. ha ha.......to be continued

p/s: maaf jika tersyasyur......sumpah geli dowh tulis mende mcm ni......geli.............geli ......geli......GELIIIIIII!!!!!!!!! aku tulis ni pon sbb si tut tut tut tu mintak........arrrrrggghh!!!!!


I Don't Believe in Love said...

First of all, it's just a topic. No need to get all, sissy over it.
Even if you want to talk about s3x, G@y, lesb0. It's just a frickin' topic.

Never marry for love, it's OVER! No one is that sincere or innocent anymore. Ppl marry for kids and physical contact.

That's why ppl ABUSE polygamy, and misused it. LOVE is the bloody reason why ppl ENJOYS the polygamy deals.

Oooh, like fast food service. Combo meal!

Anonymous said...

im definitely agree with ur opinion,basically it's a simple matter but i never understand why women find it very hard to accept it.

Anonymous said...

sebagai seorang pembaca aku boleh terima point kau.and aku seorang perempuan.

yes,kalau bermadu dpt payung emas di syurga.
kalau nak poligami ade caranya kan?
aku igt lagi ustaz aku ckp ;laki kalau nak menikah lagi kene selalu zikirkan "abang nak kahwin lagi" kat bini nya tuh.tiap2 hari. supaya bininya tidak 'shock' tibe2 suaminya kata nak kahwin lg.

tapi sebagai seorang perempuan jugaklah aku harap sesangat para lelaki menyelami hati perempuan yg sgt mudah tersentuh ni.

fikir..mampukah anda berpoligami
fikir..mampukah anda terus bersikap adil sepanjang anda berpoligami?

tolong tolong sesangat fikirkan benda ni.
sakitnya hati melihat suami tersayang menyayangi orang lain.
pedih lagi bila keseorangan kat rumah ,tahu yg suaminya tiada.

saya setuju n terima poligami
tapi yes,,poligami menyentuh hati wanita.

F.A.R.A.H on June 14, 2009 at 8:55 AM said...

watever laa hadi..
man always find excuses to polygamy
yes,it sunnah.
but the matter of probs
is he(the man that want to polygamy) capable ?

ya udah ..kalo mampu kawen laa bnyak2 pom

HaFa on June 14, 2009 at 9:40 AM said...

weh!!! jangan salah faham wei.......aku bukannyer nk ckp poligami ni bagus.......cume nk menyangkal pandangan negatif terhadap Islam yg mmbenarkan poligami.

We're the same. I'm also anti with polygamy!!!!but not to Islam. That's all.

Bip2..Huda A.M. said...

Hadi, if u think the gals' opinions are soooo damn funny that you just have to laugh, why not do it head on. Sebab kan, after you laugh so damn hard dalam toilet then u write it in your blog with every drop of consciousness that at least one of the girls would read, to me, you're just a wuss. Plus, if there is any reason a girl hates polygamy, then for all that's worth, she hates it because of some men. So blame who? blame some men. Blame who? blame some men.. OOOHh.. i can do this all nite..

And yeah, girls are sensitive. At least most of us are. I would like to quote a guy, he said, "the least a father could do for his children is to love their mother" If there's any guy out there who could feel the vibration of these words with all his heart, I give him my respect.

I'm talking not only as girl, but a daughter to a mother, a friend, a person.

Aku tidak anti poligami, tapi anti lelaki yang x faham konsep poligami dalam Islam dan mempergunakan untuk kepentingan sendiri.

HaFa on June 15, 2009 at 5:37 AM said...

Who said that their opinion are so damn funny? Honestly, I didn't mean so, diorang begitu bersemangat dalam menegakkan syiar anti poligami
plus aku respect dan setuju ngan pendapat diorang....... tapi bila tengok muke diorang yang begitu bersemngat.......ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.....OOOHh.. i can do this all nite..

Anonymous said...

to HaFa:

u laugh to da gals coz of their faces?and need to do it in the TOILET? OMG...we need a psychiatrist over here...

Huda A.M. said...

X yah la nak tiru ayat aku balik. coz when you do it, you sound like a douchebag. Plus, being synical is overrated, for u. Ouch!! *sizzle*

Huda A.M. said...

nak cover dari kene hangen bebudak gals kerrrr...~

HaFa on June 16, 2009 at 7:05 PM said...

ha ha ha ha.......mcm2 la krg ni. ala....biase la gelak2 ni. gurau jer. lgpun,xde la smpai masuk jamban nk gelak kuat2. tu mmg psyco la tu. saje nk over2 skit dlm mnulis post. kl korg nk gelakkan aku pon x kisah.jom kite gelak same2. ha ha ha

F.A.R.A.H on June 17, 2009 at 4:28 AM said...


hadi saje je wat manifesto awal2 nak menang pencalonan baru mr.kontroversi untuk award tauh ni dowwwhhh

taleh jadi neh
nak manifesto juga

huda yoookkk..mrs.emo challenge2


Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel


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