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Monday, May 11, 2009

Political views in my batch

well, it seems chaos is within Perak political system........well, speaking about politic, I'm so interested with my friend's views. Some of them are very sensitive and responsive about what happen in Malaysia. Some of them don.t even care about it. ha ha. The sensitive group usually form 'pot pet pot pet' group esp after tutors and lectures, discussing about what happen in Malaysia. One of them gives her opinion in her log. These people, most of them (perhaps all) seems to be in Government side (BN). Those who are in opposition side (PAS, PKR n bla bla bla) usually not very active to discuss about politics. I don't know why.

I asked one of my friend, " hey buddy, which side are you?". He reply " Go to hell la politic. I hate politic. you know, because of politics our people devided and chaos.....esp because of the 'ehem' party". Ha ha. This one funny. perhaps, he should lern what is the definition of politic. Another person " hey tut, what do u think about..........?" "this party tut tut tut..........this party bla2 bla2. this party......arrrrgh....." Perhaps if I proceed further, she might explode. Next one " hey man, what do you................?" " I think both sides are wrong. Why don't they just unite and make things easier?" hmm.........no comment.

For me, I don't 100% be on one one side only. I evaluate both sides. Both have wrong and right. There's nothing perfect.We are well-educated people. We are gifted. We have the capability to evaluate someone by ourselves. When it comes to reading newspapers, I don't just read Brita Harian, Utusan, TV3.......of course these medias are controlled by Government. I also read Harakah, Malaysiakni, "CD ceramah". We hear from both sides. Then we evaluate and judge on our own. So, we can see who is right and who is wrong.

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