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Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm back.........

it has been a long time since the last post. Hmm.....I was super duper busy for my final exam. Now I'm waiting for my remedial exam.......and after that.......fly home to Malaysia baby!!!

Now, I want to tell you about poor people in Indonesia. If you go to Bandung by car, you stop at the traffic lights, you will see a bunch of people with many kind of ways (selling, begging, dancing, singing) asking some money from you. I really pity these people esp those who are very old and those who are still kids. The elders supposed to be taken care by their family, kids supposed to go to school. Once, I walked at a small street in Bandung. It was raining lightly and I can feel the cold sensation although I wore my jacket. Suddenly, I saw something like a small stone at the side of the road and a rusty tin in front of it. As I reached closer, I noticed that that "thing" is actually a boy, about 3 to 5 year old sleeping and shaking because of too cold. His shirt was wet and he insert his hands and foots into his dirty wet shirt. Other people just passed by without even looking to that kid, proving that it is common to have such kind of view. I pity for that kid and I inserted one thousand rupiah into the rusty tin. That was the best that I could do at that time.
Few weeks ago, I went to Bandung Electronic Center, and I saw an old man, aged about 70 or above, perhaps older than my late grandfather. That old man just walking around the street and asking for money from the people around him. Well, the poor thing was, both of his hands was degenerating because of KUSTA (perhaps). What was left just the bones and some muscle tissues with scales and crusts. He could barely hold his plastic container where people put money in it.

The point is why these people suffer too much? Is there any hope for them to put an end to this suffering? In Malaysia I've met many beggars but I couldn't understand their life at all. Studying in Indonesia makes me have some space in myself to study the pain of these people. My doctor said that when Indonesia achieved its independence, the population of this country was equal to the population of England (England or what eh????). Now, the population of Indonesia is many times bigger than England. Why this thing happen? community education. Why community education was not done well enough? impaired government system. Why impaired government system? corruption. Yap!!! that's the Indonesian biggest problem. I'm not the one saying this, but my Indonesian friend told me. I'm just doing my job to express his feelings through my blog. We'd like to see the corrupted leaders being kicked to lowest pit of hell.

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