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Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Godfather

Hmm…….it’s the FaceBook era now…….friendster long dead already, same goes to blogs. I sure did a risky job when giving the “polygamy boom” previously…..temporarily opened up the eyes of sleepy bloggers. Ha ha…..nevermind la…..go go facebook!!

Well, few days ago I joined a pot pet discussion at tutor 1. Again…..about the love-marriage issues. Well, this remind me about a story from my father. When we were on our way to Kuala Terengganu Bus Terminal to send me to Kuala Lumpur, my father told me a story, which he read from a novel entitled “The Godfather”. He told me that this novel is dedicated to people who claim themselves as samseng tahik kucing or jaguh kampong, or jaguh hangat2 tahik ayam or whatever tahik they claimed to be. From that story, there is an important lesson……that is a man’s strength should not be evaluated based on his physical only (don't judge a book by its cover)

The story goes that there is a mafia leader who always being well-known because of his leadership, power, violence, and followers. All mafia in the city won’t dare to do anything even to look straightly at him. He has two sons........we just call them eldest brother (EB) and youngest brother (YB) la………Just like his father, the EB is also physically looks strong, fearful, tall, and “otai”…….far more superior than his YB, one who look short, tiny, immature, wear big glasses, schema and clumsy (always do mistakes).

Hmmm…..just like other people, the mafia leader ages and getting older, and when the time comes, he’s dying. But yet, he hasn’t nominated the replacement of his throne.

Of course!!! The eldest brother had a feeling that it would be him! Because he’s physically suits that position. So, when his father sicks, he take in charge of everything. His clumsy brother just stays aside with his childishness. Knowing that the famous mafia leader is dying, other mafia leaders plan on resistance against the leading mafia group……to take over the superiority. Although with great physical capability, but for being so damn inexperienced, the EB become coward and panic, knowing that everyone is up against him. He doesn’t know what to do.

As the panic time goes, the YB is missing. Where does he go? Nyahhh!!! No body would give a shit about him. Who cares……a few days later, one by one the resisting mafia leaders found dead with many style of dead bodies. Some of them got beheaded and the head is hanging on the main gate of their houses. Some of them got their intestines taken out and being roped by it. Some of them got their bodies cut into pieces. Some got their balls being cut off and they bleed to death…..so many styles. But the question is……who did this? The only one capable of doing this is that dying famous mafia. The EB and some of his remaining loyal followers got any idea on who’s doing this.

Few days after the series of deaths, the YB appears again as usual. His brother makes a meeting to discuss about the hot deaths issue. The YB come close to the group and ask slowly “what’s the matter?…..is there any problem here? You chickens still wanna make coward-styled underground discussion like this?” and then pass by………guess who kills those mafias……….

There are so many guys out there with same condition like the EB. They’re physically big, strong, mature ………but when the problem comes, they become hopeless, coward, run away……just like half-slaughtered chicken……useless. Well, you got a point there. You should be careful when evaluating the guyz out there. Don’t be fooled by those bodies.

Hmm….as for my TWP friends..I believe they are not such people. We may look childish but we have strong hearts and wills to improve. We have from zero to Hero Faizul……from someone who seldom read Quran, now can become a bilal during solat terawih…..(yet still have to improve with his seriousness…hah)……we have improved Isa, someone who previously moderate in academic…...now become superb…(I wonder who is the trigger…..haha), we have pojie who always talk big……but sometimes do big (only when he is serious), we have Faris, a matured responsible man……from a childish boy I known years ago. We have abey mey……best student (I’ll beat you someday….) and others. I’m proud of my friends……ha ha…….sorry if there’s any controversy…..lol.


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